Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scrapbook supplies

Boris wanted to give me my birthday present early so that I could go and do something that makes me happy. He gave me a $100 gift card to one of my favourite scrapbook stores ever.  

We had some running around to do today and we were heading to moms so they dropped me off and the boys did the errands.

I easily spent $120.22. I had a $20 credit and with the penny rounding, my loot only cost $.20.  I took my cute pink bag of Bo Bunny, Adrienne Looman paper and a few embellishments and skipped outside to the waiting van.

Boris asked what I got and if I spent it all.  I said I sure did and I would show it all to him at moms.  Little did I know that the gig was soon to be up.

At mom's I happily pulled out my treasures to show him and he said "there is no way that this is $100 worth of stuff".  I explained that this was a great haul cause I found some paper on clearance and most paper on average is $2 and I buy two of everything.  I saw the look of math in his eyes and I panicked.  My secret was revealed!!!!
I begin to sweat a little and really wish we were not at mom's cause I would have flashed him a boob to distract him.  Titties are to him like the men in black erases all bad memories from his brain.  

He then exclaims that I must have $5,000 worth of paper alone. Phew!!!!  I thought he would have really guessed the worth of my scrapbook room.  Maybe my secret is safe for now especially since he thinks I only have 2,500 pieces of paper and not even considering everything else.

At the end of it all, he is happy that his present was a success and my new paper has already been put away with the other paper from their respective companies in my scrapbook room and I narrowly escape.  I felt like Clark Kent when his identity would be almost discovered.  

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