Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going against the grain

Ok so one of the things that my husband always picks on me about is my ability to go with the masses. Point in case...I tend to like most music once it hits mainframe or I love the classics. I am just starting to listen to music that may never make the billboard charts but that is not what this post is about.

Tomorrow I have decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore "them". I am going to wear....WHITE PANTS BEFORE MAY LONG WEEKEND! What a stupid thing!!! No one can give me a real intelligent answer to this reasoning so screw it! I am doing it. I bought a fantastic tunic this weekend that I really want to wear with my favourite white pants. I love the look of them and frankly don't care is Stacey London jumps out of the trees and tells me that I am the worst dresser in the world!!! I feel good and that is all that matters so there! Wow, do I feel like a rebel. Maybe I will do something wild and crazy when I am in Banff this week with my new found sense of danger.


Hethr said...

I live against the grain. Welcome to my world!

...except, instead of wearing white before labor day -- which I never understood -- i go to the park with puke on my shirt and snot on my jeans. Are you jealous of my job yet?

MB said...

okay so do white shoes also count as a faux pas at certain times in the year? is it just limited to pants? hmmmm i may need to update my wardrobe!