Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Park and over possessive mommy

The kids were all couped up and going crazy on Sunday so we threw on our windbreakers and headed to the park. Owen's poor legs couldn't move fast enough for him. It was so cute. He had a blast and Jon met some of our neighbours finally now that winter is supposedly leaving us and they invited him to their game of kick ball. I was so happy that I wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to be that mom....yet!!!

On your mark get!!!

Lego my Star Wars ship

One of my most cherished things to do with Jonathan apart from our crawling into bed together and watching Smallville is to build legos! This was our latest creation!
I love this one on one time with Jon, I also love the lack of Video Games during these moments!

My crazy baby boy

So our little Owen isn't so little anymore. He is coming up with words every single can't say or do anything without the risk of him repeating you.

So when we went to Jasper the other weekend, Boris was enthralled with the mini Ketchup and other condiments that JPL provide so he scammed some home. Owen had discovered that he loved the Hellmann's jar and confiscated it from Boris. When Owen went to sleep, I picked up from the upstairs hall where he had dropped it while running to his bath and put it in our room to take down later...ultimately forgetting about it for a few days (it ended up blending in with all my woman crap on my dresser). A few days later, Owen comes into our room and sees it. INSTANT ANGER! "No, no, no! Don't Touch!!! Owen" says Owen to Boris as he grabs the mini mayo and storms out of our room and puts it in his room. Boris says, "Did that really just happen? Did I just get scolded for having my own mayo jar"? Hilarious! Our newest favourite is when he is touching something that he shouldn't be touching and he knows it...he says "Don't Touch" WHILE TOUCHING IT!

We also finally figured out what and why he calls his blanket. We have run the gammet from Daddy, Cookie to anything else inbetween. Boris said to him the other day...Eww your blanket smells Dirty!! BINGO!!!! He calls his blanket dirty! He is Linus from Charlie Brown through and through. It is cute but man can that blanket ever stink fast!

Joan Jett and Norwex

Ok so I went to Nikki my hair stylist and got my hair cut and coloured last Friday. We went quite dark with my hair and I think I like it but a major catastrophe happened on Sunday night. I went to have a bath and while soaking in the tub, I rested my wet head on the back of the porcelain tub. I didn't think anything of it until I pulled the plug, got out and proceeded to clean the tub...yup!!! Bright Purple stain!!

What did I try to clean it with:

Soap and water

A wiry brush with lemon juice



A Magic Eraser

None worked...I pouted to Heather tonight and she ran and brought me her Norwex Cleaning Paste to try...insert a chorus of singing angels playing harps!!! IT WORKED!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some pictures from Jasper.

This wine was sooo good. It was one of the best Rose wines I have purchased in a long time. Sometimes when you buy a bottle of wine for its name or by its funky bottle, you can get pretty burned but this was so nice and aromatic...I easily drank this whole bottle minus one glass I shared.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Template

I know Heather is totally going to think that I copied her!!!! I love her and want to emulate her in may ways but my blog was and is always my personality and I was totally going to do this

Anyway, no more to work on the recipe book now.

Exercise Day 2

Did my yoga tonight...I can't stop talking about how much I love it!!!!

So Boris' first day seemed to go well. I am glad. I think he is going to do great things and I think after the initial stress of learning everything, I think he will love it. The bus ride is 1 bus and he gets there in less than 30 minutes. Quite a difference! Funny 8pm he went to bed. :)

Jon and I want to go see the new Alice and Wonderland movie this week.

Our Legoland passes came today!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED about our Summer trip!! Two weeks with the boys is going to be so incredible.

I went to Spago for lunch today with Suz and Kat. I love that restaurant so much.

Oh this weekend I was in Jasper for a work retreat for UofA Family Medicine Students and Boris came with me. We had just a great time and got in great walks all around JPL. It is such a beautiful resort and I really got to play with my camera. I worry that Boris is going to give me an ultimatum and that I must choose from him and my camera. A few times, I got so into my photo taking. We were strolling downtown Jasper and in a $1 store Boris found a Bowmeester bizarre in a dollar store. I am going to try and put up some Jasper Pictures tomorrow but for now I must get back to my mom's birthday present. I am working on a recipe book for her.

I decided that I was going to ready a book that didn't make me think much to have a quick fast read....I chose Bunny Tales. It is a book written by a former playboy bunny.

Good Grief this book is not something that I would normally read and I can't wait to read my next choice... Hope and Despair:My struggle to free my husband Mahar Arar.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Post just for Darcy

Dearest Darcy,

This post is for you!!!

OK so after 2 weeks of slacking off (I have 100 excuses and they are all reality to me but enough is enough) I have to get back on the wagon!

I started all over! I couldn't in good conscience just pick up where I left off so I started my Biggest Loser Last Chance workout again. Week one, day one. I seem ok. My heart rate is pounding but I made it through and while I am feeling like it was a hard workout...I didn't vomit and I wore proper bolder holders.

I love my yoga and try to do it as often as I can. It has helped me in so many ways. I find that when provoked, I am able to just let it slide and when I know I am right...I can walk away knowing that without pushing. It has helped my self esteem, it is helping me tone, it is helping me recognize when my body is stressed and how to correct it...and there is so much more that I can't even begin to express it.

Our pedometer challenge at work has also made me realize the activity that I do in a day without realizing it. I had a goal of 10, 000 a day...well last week I hit it on Monday and I challenge myself everyday to make at least that! I have been pretty successful thus far.

My whole mind and body taking care of me 2010 pledge is helping me in leaps and bounds and it is opening my eyes to a whole new world. I don't even second guess now or complain when eating healthy...I yearn to eat something healthy. For the most part now...I crave fruit or peas or carrots. I love my water now (I still need to add lemon or ginger). Point in case...I bought a bag of York peppermint minis for my trip to Jasper this weekend and there is still half a bag...before that bag would have been gone before we left the city border. Moderation, Moderation, Moderation.

I have energy to make it through the day and into the night.

I don't know if I will do my biggest loser workout every night but I definitely vow to do some sort of physical activity every night.

So to close Darcy...thank you for pushing me! I need that as sometimes it gets easy to sit back and say that I will do it tomorrow. Cheerleaders are a good thing to have. I always consider myself a cheerleader to others so it is really nice to have one in my corner, pushing me to where I want to be...where ever that is!!!

I am no longer going to step on the breaks my heart when the numbers don't change. I may measure my biceps, thighs and waist because those are the areas that I would love to see change but I worry that I will obsess about the numbers like I did with the scale. My mind, body and soul should speak for the numbers...still would be nice to buy a size 7 one day. By the way...why is that size the magic number??????

Things I am happy about:
1. I love my books. They help me escape everyday life.
2. I am so thankful for my boys! They light up my day everyday and take me for who I am. They believe every word I say and make me feel like I am the person I strive to be.
3. I am so grateful to have discovered my job. I look forward to going to work everyday.
4. Coffee, as much as I know it is not good for me...I LOVE YOU CAFFEINE in every form.
5. I love that I put on a medium sweater and it fit WELL. I can't remember buying a medium in forever!

I promise Darcy, Heather, Roslyn and whoever else reads my blog and complained that it hasn't been updated in forever that I will make a better effort to keep you in the loop to my quest to be the best Chantal that I can be!