Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture: May 7 Someone that Inspires You

So many people inspire me that this one is a little difficult.  I defaulted with the picture to be my husband because not only does he inspire me but he pushes me to be the best in the world at what I do.
This is his model face

I do want to give an honorable mention though to someone whom I try to emulate in many ways...Roslyn.  She is that woman who does it all.  She has a great family, is amazing at her job, knows what hills to die on and how to continually continue to grow herself to be who she wants to be.  I absolutely adore her.

Both these people have been instramental lately in listening to me vent, be a wet shoulder for me to cry on...literally, give advise and let me come up with my own advice.  I am a better person for both these people in my life.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picture: May 6 You

Yuck, there is a reason I love taking I don't have to be in them...close enough.

Picture: May 5 Birds

Ok so first of all when I saw that i was going to have to take a picture of a bird, I was kind of freaking out as birds and I are not friends...nor am I friends with Giraffes, mini corns, and Home Hardware....but that is for another blog post.

So when I saw that Owen was wearing his angry birds shirt, I literally did a little dance of joy.  He even offered to pose like a bird on a pirch for me.

Picture: May 4 Fun

We went to Calgary this weekend for an inpromtu visit to see Terrie and Merv...and to get a new Stampeder hat for Boris.

When we are there, the best and most fun we do is play Canasta.  I also seem to let myself go and have a few cokes (wink wink).  So anyway, for May 4th, the picture was fun.

ooo he had some cards I could have used.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Picture: May 3 Something I wore today

Anyone who knows me probably already figured out what I would have taken a picture of today regarding something I wore today.  If I had thought about it this morning, I may have taken a little more consideration into what shoes I would have worn today.  Alas, these are the babies that I wore today.  They are so comfortable.  This is the one good thing about living in a house of all one wants to borrow my shoes.

52 Weeks of Mail

Ever since Christmas, I have been thinking about how much I loved getting cards with stories of the year past and pictures in them. I am taking strides to forge out who I am and be who I want to be lately and I decided I was going to start writing actual letters and stuff to family and friends. I stumbled upon this challenge a few days ago and I am excited to partake in it. Sooo starting this week and every week for 52 weeks, I am going to send something in snail mail.
Week 1: send card with promised pictures of my uncles wedding to my granny (promised her I would in October) and a card to my mom who is working in Regina right now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I really love my Starbucks! There is a Second Cup opening up in the mall where my office is located and while many of my co-workers are excited, I am quite worried that Safeway will use this as an opportunity to take out the Starbucks there and make it a Tim Hortons like they have done with other Safeway Starbucks. I won't be happy let me tell you! Picture Disclaimer: I am half asleep waiting at the airport for a plane and I just started drinking that coffee so my eyes are a tad droopy.

Picture: May 2 Skyline

May 2nd's photo of the day was a skyline. I didn't get time until later in the day and Iwas able to take pictures while the sun going down behind the buildings and it was really beautiful. It was so serene and calming just being on Conner's hill all by myself with no one around taking pictures. I really need to take more time for myself in the week because it definitely makes me a better mom and wife if I do.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friends are worth their weight in custard

Friends show their love for you in different ways and at different times. As I have gotten older, I make sure that I only surround myself with people who genuinely care about me. I am pretty easy to make happy; give me a card, go for coffee with me, laugh with me.
And then their is my dear friend Carly! She doesn't take no for an answer and solicits the aide of Boris to get me to go out and have fun and then today she outdid herself. Out of nowhere she excitedly goes to the work kitchen and returns with homemade creme brûlée.
OMG!!!! Better than any 5 star restaurant one that I have had or better than the million I ate on the Disney Cruise. Why? Because I have had a bad few weeks. I love her dearly!!!

Picture: May 1 Peace

Today was the first day of my May photo a day challenge and the picture today was peace. When I read that, instantly I thought "Peace and Quiet". The only time my world is peace and quiet is when Owen is asleep.