Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22, 2011

Today is December 22, and yes I am behind and no I am not backdating. I am sick. I have a head cold. I can easily deliver babies naturally and combat cancer with grace but when it comes to a cold...I am a bear. I am whiny, grumpy, needy and just plain miserable. To top it off though, I am a self described martyr and can't just lay and be sick. I still need to wear the many hats I wear and continue on like I am in my A game. Owen put on three ball caps the other day and I thought the picture was reflective of my feelings today.

Something happened to me this week that never happens...I filled gas before it went up in price. I got gas at 89.9 and the next morning it was up to 102.9. Booya!

Friday can't come soon enough. I need some days off. I am making a plan of attack for our crafting and occupying since I will have the boys for Monday and Tuesday.

I want wine but have no taste buds so here is to hoping they are better prior to Christmas because Boris volunteered to be the designated driver. Woot woot!

Ok so I have taken 3 nighttime Tylenol cold capsules so I am going to try and pass out now. Night.

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Did u stop blogging?