Tonight is the night!

I have been anticipating this for days now...tonight is the night!  I have drank copious amounts of clear liquids to stay hydrated and last the ride.  Nervousness has been running through me all day like I knew it would because the anticipation is growing.  
My post surgery bowels are ready to be deflowered.  
I have done everything right and according to the book so there is no reason for anymore delay. 
The alarm goes off for my walk around the house every two hours and my tummy is rumbling...hopes and prayers actually works!!!!
I hobble to the bathroom and I don’t turn on the light but rather use my phone light to set the romantic mood and remove the stress that we are probably both feeling.  
It wasn’t the fireworks that I read about or seen in the was actually a little disappointing and rather small in stature but the initial fear is gone and I am sure the next one will be even better.

The 3 S’s

I was discharged yesterday and thankfully Carly brought me a cute button up nightie that replaced my hospital robe to go home in.  Upon reflection, Boris looked like he was breaking me out...I had on a night gown with my Birkenstock’s, I still had on all my bracelets and he helped me into the car....START THE CAR!
Ok I am home and currently the only comfortable place is in bed but I am making sure I get up every two hours to do a few laps around the upstairs floor for blood flow.
I have three things that are on my list to accomplish today and thanks to my amazing husband, he is going to help with two of them. 

I really think after a good shower and shaving my legs, I will feel much better and hopefully get some of that iodine off me...any suggestions?  I have waterproof bandaids so I am able to get them wet...not soaking but wet. That is fine by me as I back into the shower anyway.  
The last S I gotta do on my own and I am totally in my head.  I just need it to get done and over with as …

Surgery is upon us

I am a few days late but the last few have been pretty Dilaudid heavy so while it may have been funny to read, I don’t know how much sense it would have been.  Yesterday had something to do with giants and McDonalds giggling but it is all a blur...
The surgery according to my oncologist went perfect.  They got the whole tumour out and were happy that the decision was made to do a complete hysterectomy also as a small cyst was also on the left ovary. The preliminary biopsy came back all benign and the parts that were borderline were still benign and no staging. 
The news is great and now I can focus on my healing. The scar is grande!  The stitches hurt a lot. We should play a game: don’t use your stomach muscle for 5 minutes....YOU CAN’T!  If it was just horizontal, I would still have parts that wouldn’t be affected but the incision went vertical and it hurts to pee, walk, breathe, cough, pretty much anything. 
When I was delivering my boys, I thought my dignity went down the drain...oh t…

Whoa whoa, workin' for a livin'

Today is the last day I am working before surgery tomorrow.  I am genuinely freaking out more about not being at work for some time and recovering at home than I am of the actual surgery.

I always tell my staff that you need to like your work environment because you are at work more than you are at home...well what happens when the opposite happens and you are at home and all you want to be is at work rather than bored at home.

Why did I shave my legs for this

I woke up all ready for my pre-surgery appointment on Tuesday.  It is a great day...good hair, found close parking at the hospital and not really in pain yet.....
I head to the pre-surgery desk all confident to take on the world and BOOM....I am a day early.  The appointment is tomorrow August 7.  
Hahahaha well crap!  
Second verse same as the first....will do it all again on Wednesday morning. 

Countdown is on

I got the call today and we have a surgery date. A week today, I will be on an exam bed removing my tumour and my reproductive system and getting Victoria Secret model skinny!  
I am confident that the biopsies will come back benign and positive thinking goes a long way!

I have always hated Watermelons

I had my oncologist appointment yesterday at the Cross Cancer Institute.  
I got to put on this sexy attire that is rapidly becoming my new uniform.

Dr. Wells is so clear, calm and I feel completely confident putting my care in her hands.
Turns out this tumour is the size of a small watermelon and not possible to get biopsies done while in me as it would not give accurate results.  The plan is to filet me open from pelvic to mid chest and get it out and remove all my lady bits to prevent a possible second surgery or a reoccurrence.  While I lay open, they will send a sample to test but the true accurate results won’t be for weeks due to the size.
Dr. Wells told us based on my blood work and the MRI that this is benign or borderline so we are cautiously optimistic.
My surgery is going to be scheduled for the first week of August and hopefully this will be the end of this ordeal after recovery. If not, then I will lift up my chin and take on the next step but for now....let’s smash this melo…