Friday, September 5, 2014

Food is how I show emotions

It is interesting how food is part of our emotions. 

When we are happy, we celebrate by going out to eat or having our favourite meals made by loved ones.  We have cake for our birthdays, reception meals, anniversary cakes etc.

I became fully aware of how much I emotionally eat during this last few weeks.  One of the best creatures in the universe knows me better than I know myself and Carly showed up to my house with an entire pie...blueberry from Fife N' Dekel.  For those of you who have never had their pie...go and eat there!!!

Well today I am feeling good for the most part and agreed to go on a lunch trip with Carly to one of our other favourite places...Duchess.  I was definitely in my happy place.  Pie is one food group that I would never give up.  It is that item I would take on a deserted island with me.  It is my last supper when I am on death row for killing that person who tried to take a pie away from me.  I love pie.

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