Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday December 10, 2011

Ok so I am not off to the best start, I am posting on Saturday for Friday but I am promising to get better. Our Christmas party was last night and I had a great time. Jon and Owen has a sleepover so Boris and I had the night to ourselves so needless to say we didn't stay too long.
Here is a picture that Jon took of us prior to us leaving. I was going for a retro pin up girl style and after youtubing some hairstyles with victory rolls that I wanted, I found one that I loved and was so easy to follow. I was quite proud of the end result.
Because it was my Christmas party, I pulled rank and Boris was the designated driver. I had a few "pops" as you can see from the following picture.
Clearly I was very chesty in this dress. I had a great time and it isn't often that Boris and I get to go out together and I had been looking forward to this night for awhile now.

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Hethr said...

Holy Hannah, you look GORGEOUS! Wish I could do my hair that looks anything but what it always looks like. :/