Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9, 2011

Well if you check into my blog at all you will notice that I haven't blogged since March of last year. I didn't realize how long it has been. I am going to follow a page from a friend of mine Roslyn, and try to post something everyday for the month of December. Owen has been the most sick he has ever been, this week. Wednesday night, he vomited out of nowhere in the kitchen and then went to bed at 6pm. He woke at midnight and proceeded to vomit every 10-15 minutes after until 6am. He was still vomiting most of Thursday and slept the whole day today. He hasn't eaten since Wednesday at noon and it is a great victory when we get him to have 2tbsp of liquid. I hope he is better tomorrow. I miss my unique, energetic boy. It is my Christmas party tomorrow. In typical Chantal fashion, I did not buy a new dress but a new pair of shoes rather. I will post a picture tomorrow. Boris and I never go on dates so I am extremely excited. I may even try to get him to dance (I can hope). Christmas is coming and I am slowly getting excited. One of our traditions is to make cinnamon buns on the eve and cook them in the morning but I have asked Roslyn to give me her recipe because everything she makes is so tasty. Speaking of tasty, I am doing a cookie exchange at work and I need to make 8 dozen cookies. I am going to make my family's chocolate chip stuffed Oreo cookies. I will make sure I make plenty to leave at home to or the boys will surely attack me before I leave the house. Our Christmas tree reflects our family so much that I have to smile every time I look at it. Every year we buy the kids a ornament each and we try to reflect what they are into that year. The goal is when they move out, they will have ornaments from their whole life thus far. We have their ornaments, Boris' Flames/drums/gene Simmons ornaments and I have my Disney/Starbucks/shoe ornaments. But the best is the fact that we have a Sin Cara mask as our tree topper...only at the Norris house. Anyway, my hubby looks very comfy so I am going to go and cuddle with him while we catch up on this weeks PVRd shows. Till Tomorrow

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