Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 17, 2011

The great work cookie exchange happened today.  We had a great brunch.  It is not often that I spend time away from my family but I was glad I went.  I made my family favorite "chocolate chip stuffed with Oreo cookie" and in return I got: almond chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, pecan tarts, chocolate lava cookies, shortbread, fruit bread, sesame cookies and Nanaimo bars.

I want to preface the next part of my rant by stating that I adore Owen.  What  don't adore is his toddler behavior.  I thought that since this was the third toddler phase that Boris and I went through it would be easier but it seems to be harder. Maybe we are more set in our ways now...I am not sure.

Lately the struggles are getting to me.  I keep trying to remember that the frustrations, the missed naps, the not-eating, and even the full-on screaming tantrums will pass and sooner rather than later I will be saying to Boris "I miss my little Owen".

Why does Jon and Owen fight all the time? Jon gets angry if Owen takes it toys or wants to be like him and copy him.  Owen's whine is so shrill that I usually end up yelling at Jon to give into whatever Owen wants. 

So there is all that but as I am laying here typing this, I hear him in his room quoting the whole Despicable Me movie and I smile. Toddler years are so worth the pain 

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