Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swimming and Pay Per View

So Jon has started swimming classes and they are going great...I have a bit of an issue though because he is a boy and I am a girl so I can not take him into my changing room. It is very stressful to wait out of the room and waiting for him. So the first time, Boris went with him and showed him how to work the locker and where to go. Tuesday, when we went it was just him and I, so I gave him 50 cents and went to meet him at the pool. It was only a few minutes and he happily met me at the swimming pool and handed me his towel and key. PERFECT. Class was over and so he went to the change room and I went to wait in the foyer. 15 minutes later and still no Jonathan. Luckily Susan from work was there with her two children and she sent her son to check on Jonny. He said Jon was fine and they left...another 10 minutes later, Jon came out stating: "DAMM Lockers". HAHAHA, apparently he didn't clue in that when you put the key back doesn't give you your money back. Oh poor he got fed up and "had to go take a shower to cool down" hence the long delay. Sigh

Jonathan stayed home sick today and Boris was sleeping upstairs and we told Jon to wake up Boris if he needed anything. Well Jon didn't wake up Boris but proceeded to rent 7 movies off the Shaw on Demand. It clearly tells you to confirm that you want to pay $4.99 for each movie so we made Jon give Boris the money since he watched them. Dumb thing is that we had 4 of the movies that he ordered.

Life is definitely not boring with children in your life.


Hethr said...

He ordered SEVEN movies?!?!


Wow...that's not really...*snicker*...funny at all!

Michelle S said...

Hahahahahahaha! Could have been worse Chantal..... at least they were kid friendly movies!!!
Isn't 7 movies like 14 hours?? He must have been flipping through different ones. Clearly he doesn't understand you don't channel surf on Pay per view!