Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Panties, Poop and other potty items

Poor Jon is growing up so fast. He informed us recently that briefs were a no go for him because they looked too much like panties. Off to get poor Jon some boxers. I did not know what kind he wanted so I bought both Boxers and Boxer Briefs for him to try on. After going upstairs and trying them on, he exclaims "Boxer briefs it is because with the boxers, his penis slaps against his leg" ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Anyway, his theory is reconfirmed the next day in gym where he can run so much faster because everything is held in place. Oh I am so out of my relm here in prince land!!!

Sunday night Jon was feeling all lovey to his baby brother Owen and wanted to have a bath with him. Now Jon is all independant and doesn't usually bathe with Owie so lil dude was super excited to have big brother in the tub with him. Well they were laughing and splashing and having the greatest time ever until I heard a schreech!!! MOM COME HERE QUICK. OWEN THAT IS DEEEESSSGUSSSSSTING!!!...yup you guessed it; Owen laughed so hard that he pooped the tub.


Boris said...

I'm gonna poop in the tub...

Roslyn said...

Ok. I was going to post a comment. And then I read your husband's comment. And I forgot what I was going to say. Just please do not post about it if he does!