Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Boys and Just for You Photography

This fall we went to Rundle Park and met Becky from who took these wonderful pictures of my family. She captured everyone just as they are and nothing is canned or fake about these awesome pictures. If you need a photographer for ANYTHING call Becky.

I have been seriously in a daze for over a week about how big all three boys have gotten overnight. Braden talks of Star Wars and Bruce Lee, Jon is watching Glee and saying that I am embarrassing when I kiss him and shout I love him while dropping him off at school and Owen is learning new words everyday. I am forcing myself to enjoy every single moment of these days even the bad or stressful ones because listening to people at work talking about their teenagers or grown children makes me sad as their growth is ineveitable!!!

I cherish the time in the van with Braden listening to Robert Munsch, I cherish the time with Jonathan curled up on the couch watching Vampire Diaries and I cherish the moment when Owen wakes up and realizes that I am in the room to get him and that huge smile comes over his face.

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