Monday, May 10, 2010


Dear all 5 of my readers:

Please support one of my greatest friends and buy these awesome shirts. I can not wait for the prozac latte shirt. You know I am buying that one.

While on the subject of shirts...

You should go to this site, I have bought 2 and I am just waiting for the delivery. Can not wait. I will be wearing my Drop Love not Bombs shirt with such pride of being a Canadian and living in a safe nation. I will post pictures of me sporting my new shirt and sweater when they come.

1 comment:

Hethr said...

I also love my shirts. I'll do the prozac Latte one next time around!

I also LOVE the style islam. I want the hijab one, or maybe the terrorism one...then again, the drop love one has it's merits.

Okay, okay... I'll take them all!