Thursday, May 27, 2010

JASMAN the Mortal Enemy

You know that fine line between love and hate...well I think my son is there. You see there is this girl at school that he is presently sitting by who is his MORTAL ENEMY. Her name is Jasmine but he calls her Jasman!!

One night recently, he drew this picture of her and his baby brother is holding the "niff" (knife) to ensure she doesn't come down from the UFO beam and when asked why he wasn't in the picture...I swear to you, his answer was, "cause I don't want to get my hands dirty". Are you kidding me, mob Jon????

So Jasmine apparently, breathes too loud, writes with her pencil to hard, doesn't put the caps back on her markers properly, rips paper out of her journal (EGAD) and swings her ponytail to the point of impailing my poor son. :) I am starting to save for their wedding. :)

Here is the drawing. I love it and if you will notice "JASMAN" is very small to depict she is far away. I love that he knows about depth.

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Hethr said...

Love it!! I'll have to be sure not to get on the bad side of Mob Jon!!