Monday, May 10, 2010

In no real order but pictures on my camera I love

Owen's first pony ride. He was very serious looking but kept saying, "Fun".
Jon loves riding horses and ponies but his allergies always get the best of him. Look how happy he looks even knowing that afterwards he will be sniffing up a storm and his eyes will burn. I love that kid.

Owen's first tumble. The dude did not even try to break his fall. He tripped on his feet and landed on his head and I witnessed his little noggin bounce. I ran and instantly picked him up only to hear Boris exclaim that he was bleeding from both his head and nose. Needless to say that my hoody will now need to be washed. He is ok but has a nice little mark on his forehead.

I love this picture of Jon hiding from Aunty Mel and they chase each other through the zoo.

I love my lil men.

Owen loved this goat so much as well as his buddy that he pet his eye.
I love that my boys are such loving children. It is also so sweet seeing Owen becoming into his own little man.

Jon has gotten so good at reading. Time is flying by so fast that I can not believe he is reading chapter books, loving them and comprehending them.

A couple weeks ago, after an extremely stressful time at work with everyone being away and auditors there, Boris took me to a wonderful dinner at The Melting Pot
If you have not been then you have to go. It is a fantastic fondue restaurant. We had a cheese fondue, main course fondue and a fantastic chocolate fondue too.

It snowed last week and Owen my little sweetheart wanted to go outside so badly but I packed all his winter clothes thinking winter was gone. I threw on his Boris hat and just had to take a picture of him wearing his daddys ECW hat.

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Hethr said...

I love how much you love your kids. I feel that way too -- but just can't come out and blog about it without feeling like I'll make people vomit. I show my love by laughing at (or with) them.