Sunday, February 28, 2010

The past week

Ok so unlike what Heather keeps trying to elude to, I am still doing the daily workout challenge and I am still doing my meal challenge. I have just run out of time...and I found a new book.

Books can absolutely suck all my life away into the present world of the book and all else around me vanishes.

What is this book that I was reading? Still Alice is a book about a women who has early - onset Alzheimer's and the impact of her family. Roslyn lent it to me and I read it this weekend front to back.

Second book I read this week was The Tipping Point. Fabulous read about how thinks like how one person can create a fashion, how one person sick can create an epidemic. Really interesting; if you have

The next bok I am reading is...

I will let you know how it is.

So Workout challenge:

Still doing the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout....this is kicking my ass but also I am doing my yoga everyday and I have to be honest in that I totally feel a change in my muscles. I am not shedding the weight that I want but as Roslyn continually tells me "every pound I lose is a pound lost forever" instead of the diets when it comes and goes regularly. STILL THOUGH, I want to lose them FASTER!!!!!

So Food Challenge:
I did great every night except for Friday because Friday has always been "No Cook Fridays" in my household and I didn't plan on changing that for this challenge.
I didn't get to take pictures everyday as I originally wanted to because Owen has decided that very second I walk into the kitchen...I MUST carry him!!! When did clingy child appear?

Other updates...Jon has a blog...yup it is EPIC... Go check it out and please comment on it as he checks everyday for people commenting.

This is going to be a great week. I am going to a spa night at Heather's!! I am sooo excited for a grown up girl night...and a cake from the amazing Michelle. Also, we are having a scrapbooking day at work on Saturday. It is going to be so much fun. I think I am going to work on my honeymoon pictures. I am so far behind.

I have started working on my mom's birthday present and I think she will love this so much.


Hethr said...

Okay -- number one, I wasn't eluding that you weren't exercising...just that you weren't posting. (am I safe now??)

Also -- Book posts...we totally have to do this (especially this summer, because then I'll have the time to read something other than a text book) Oh, how I miss the days of reading for pleasure.

And -- SPA PARTY -- This wonderful cake making Michelle MUST come -- and anyone else too. It's open (to women, no children under 6 months)...come on in and have fun!

C said...

Hi I'm Heather's 'friend' (we've never met in real life) who started the Food Challenge on my blog so I'll add you for a chance to win the cookbook since you did participate.

I read the Glass Castle and I loved it!