Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 1 and I hate you Heather

So my friend/weekday mommy of Owen/and someone I admire has been doing one of the Biggest Loser videos and is having quite the time so to show my support, I decided to do one. I am doing the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. It is a 6 week routine.

It starts off saying "It isn't just about losing weight, it is about taking back your life". I AGREE and that is what I am going for so I think..YUP THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD.

Hang on, I will be right back...I am still throwing up from the 30 minutes of sheer dungeon torture I just did.

Jillian Michael clearly has small tata's because she didn't take us big chested women in consideration when she thought it would be fun to make us do 10, 000 jumping jacks. Seriously, I thought after the first section of them...phew they are over...NOPE!!!! That was just the first of 3 reps. Insert first vomit here. She gives you the false sense of security when she says "5 more seconds" then she pulls out the weights. WOW, I have zero arm strength! How is that possible? I have carried children for the past 7 years.

Ok so the first section is over and I think...thank god I made it then I looked at the DVD machine and noticed that only 5 minutes have elapsed. I am a very emotionally strong woman and I cried a little at this moment in time.

But I will say that I made it through with ZERO leaks...I followed Heather's lead before I started. I am however, dripping in sweat and will rethink my attire tomorrow. Yoga pants and tshirt is NOT the way to go...I may just do it nude with duck tape on my boobs to stop the ridiculous bounce during those jumping jacks.

I am still coughing up a lung and on my second glass of water and wondering how on earth am I going to make it through tomorrows work out. I am longing for Sunday because looking at the program it would seem that I get Sunday off.

By the way, can any other women do 3 sets of push ups???? I could barely do the normal kind, never mind adding back kicks and jumping jack movements.


Hethr said...

Holy CRAP -- You can do a normal push-up??? Not in a million years can I!

I'm proud of you -- working out is HARD. Making that lifestyle change is harder.

I also must admit that I used to envy the bountiful bosoms of those around me. Now -- not so much...You aren't the first person I've heard complain about that!

You're also lucky -- VERY lucky to get one day off. Me...NADA. :(

Mallory said...

Hey girlfriend,
Brandon and I do this workout all the time. It def gets easier as you build up your endurance. Have fun not being able to sit for three days :) Peeing is now a luxury.

Weight loss yoga is super good too! Pick up that one.

BBBoris said...

Nothing better happen to those bountiful bosoms...

Michelle said...

Good for you Chantal!! You are totally taking charge of your body these days! Wanna help me get motivated?! I need it too!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo hot momma! I can't wait to watch the progress and will be here any time you need a push, shove or just a "you can do it" or all three :-)