Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 2

Ok so tonight was day 2 and the Last Chance Workout focus on arms and lower body. OUCH!!!

First and foremost: clothing attire...I wore shorts (which I never do because I hate my legs, which is why I am working out) and a tank top. Much better from yesterday but I still sweat like a little piggie wiggie.

I could feel my legs burning and my arms burning all at the same time. Trying to remember to breathe was almost impossible. I didn't think I would be able to make it through but I did and I feel pretty good...don't smell good but feel pretty good.

This was intense but I will say that Jonathan was absolutely inspirational. First he asked me why I was working out because I didn't need to. Awwwe.
Then he kept telling me "You are doing great mom, and I am not just saying that to be nice, you really are". Awwe squared.


BBBoris said...

piggie wiggie??

Hethr said...

First of all, we're women, we don't sweat -- we glisten.

Second -- any chance Jon could wake up at 5 and come over here to inspire me!? What a sweet heart!