Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture: May 7 Someone that Inspires You

So many people inspire me that this one is a little difficult.  I defaulted with the picture to be my husband because not only does he inspire me but he pushes me to be the best in the world at what I do.
This is his model face

I do want to give an honorable mention though to someone whom I try to emulate in many ways...Roslyn.  She is that woman who does it all.  She has a great family, is amazing at her job, knows what hills to die on and how to continually continue to grow herself to be who she wants to be.  I absolutely adore her.

Both these people have been instramental lately in listening to me vent, be a wet shoulder for me to cry on...literally, give advise and let me come up with my own advice.  I am a better person for both these people in my life.


Roslyn said...

Oh my - you made me cry! I'm not sure I live up to all that...but thank you for thinking so anyway.

PS - tell Boris he has a great model face!!!

Terrie said...

I am waiting for more blogs!!