Monday, August 30, 2010

This and that

Life is super crazy right now but keeping things in check is absolutely the upmost importance to me. I am the biggest believer in not sweating the small stuff, not looking on the dark side but seeing the bright.
Those of you know who I am talking about and know that I am there for you through anything and I am not going anywhere. I will be forever your cheerleader even when you don't want me to be.

We are getting our pictures done again this year from the incredible Becky from Just for You Photography. I can't wait for October! You will all get pictures this year for Christmas again.

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Heather said...


Following you from bloggy moms. With me it just depends on the situation if I am a glass half full or empty kinda girl, I try hard to look on the bright side though. :)

Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!