Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bedtime Annoyance

Ever since Heather mentioned 2 beds instead of one "couple" bed, I can't stop thinking about it. I love my husband and I love "sleeping" with him but man I do NOT love his sleeping habits that I have yet to get used to. He listens to Howard Stern in bed and I can not sleep listening to talk radio much less Howard and his yelling, swearing, obnoxious guests/staff and himself. I wait patiently till he goes to sleep so I can turn it off. He has been having a sore back and shoulders lately so he has been tossing and turning causing the bed to become similar to the 80's version of a waterbed. Oh and let's not forget his vulgar body pillow that he MUST sleep with ... It rivals Owen's "dirty" blankie.

Now I am no better as I like to read with the light on and I love to talk in bed so I am sure that we grate on each others nerves with our bed habits.

Let's bring back the Fred and Wilma beds

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Hethr said...

Howard Stern? In bed?? Turn off or what?? yikes!

I'm with you though -- reading in bed, or lying there talking as you go to sleep -- both used to happen in my house -- not anymore, we've reached the "just shut up and sleep" phase of our life. Yay.