Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Night

There is nothing more fun than family game night and now that Boris is not working those darn Best Buy overnights, he gets to partake in the joy. This weekend we played Spongebob Cranium. It is good that Braden isn't competitive because the other 3 of us are. Needless to say that Boris and I did the dance of joy as we tied for first.

I had so much planned for this weekend in terms of fun outdoor stuff but the weather just really has been very uncooperative this summer. It feels like we haven't had much of a summer at all and with the BC forest fires, it is even worse right now.

So my good friend and second mother to Owen is smack in the middle of Ramadan right now and my heart goes out to her...not because I feel bad that she is fasting: I actually think she is a really strong woman who believes in her faith and hold her in high regard to do this from sunrise to sunset. What I do sigh for her is her lack of being able to have a dirty chai during the in a testament to my love for her...I will drink double my share until she can drink again. I love you Heather.


Hethr said...

oohh...Dirty I wish I could go to star bucks at 330 in the morning and get one. :(

I don't know if I'd be able to play a board game with you. You're more competitive than me (which i didn't think was possible) -- I think you might just make me cry if I lost (it's been known to happen)

C said...

lol having an extra for her, too funny!