Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My crazy baby boy

So our little Owen isn't so little anymore. He is coming up with words every single can't say or do anything without the risk of him repeating you.

So when we went to Jasper the other weekend, Boris was enthralled with the mini Ketchup and other condiments that JPL provide so he scammed some home. Owen had discovered that he loved the Hellmann's jar and confiscated it from Boris. When Owen went to sleep, I picked up from the upstairs hall where he had dropped it while running to his bath and put it in our room to take down later...ultimately forgetting about it for a few days (it ended up blending in with all my woman crap on my dresser). A few days later, Owen comes into our room and sees it. INSTANT ANGER! "No, no, no! Don't Touch!!! Owen" says Owen to Boris as he grabs the mini mayo and storms out of our room and puts it in his room. Boris says, "Did that really just happen? Did I just get scolded for having my own mayo jar"? Hilarious! Our newest favourite is when he is touching something that he shouldn't be touching and he knows it...he says "Don't Touch" WHILE TOUCHING IT!

We also finally figured out what and why he calls his blanket. We have run the gammet from Daddy, Cookie to anything else inbetween. Boris said to him the other day...Eww your blanket smells Dirty!! BINGO!!!! He calls his blanket dirty! He is Linus from Charlie Brown through and through. It is cute but man can that blanket ever stink fast!

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