Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Exercise Day 2

Did my yoga tonight...I can't stop talking about how much I love it!!!!

So Boris' first day seemed to go well. I am glad. I think he is going to do great things and I think after the initial stress of learning everything, I think he will love it. The bus ride is 1 bus and he gets there in less than 30 minutes. Quite a difference! Funny thing....at 8pm he went to bed. :)

Jon and I want to go see the new Alice and Wonderland movie this week.

Our Legoland passes came today!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED about our Summer trip!! Two weeks with the boys is going to be so incredible.

I went to Spago for lunch today with Suz and Kat. I love that restaurant so much.

Oh this weekend I was in Jasper for a work retreat for UofA Family Medicine Students and Boris came with me. We had just a great time and got in great walks all around JPL. It is such a beautiful resort and I really got to play with my camera. I worry that Boris is going to give me an ultimatum and that I must choose from him and my camera. A few times, I got so into my photo taking. We were strolling downtown Jasper and in a $1 store Boris found a Bowmeester Jersey...how bizarre in a dollar store. I am going to try and put up some Jasper Pictures tomorrow but for now I must get back to my mom's birthday present. I am working on a recipe book for her.

I decided that I was going to ready a book that didn't make me think much to have a quick fast read....I chose Bunny Tales. It is a book written by a former playboy bunny.

Good Grief this book is not something that I would normally read and I can't wait to read my next choice... Hope and Despair:My struggle to free my husband Mahar Arar.


Hethr said...

So -- I was talking to Moe's cousin -- who told me that you can get into the Hot Yoga classes in the West End for FREE on Wednesdays if you just bring a donation to the food bank. Very cool -- sucks for me, becuase Wednesday nights are my online class nights, but I knew how much you wanted to do them.

What yoga are you doing now?? Wanna borrow my Yoga Meltdown??

And the books -- oooh...when I'm done school, I'm going to have such a pile of books...wait...no I won't! I'll have a Reader FULL of books to read!

C said...

Did you read Hope and Despair? What did you think? I read that a few years ago.