Saturday, March 5, 2011

What has happened in the last month

Wow it has been a long time since I have blogged. Sorry about that to my 2 followers. I have been doing treatment again for my darn osteomyelitis. Hoping we got it this time.

A lot has been going down in our household. Valentine's day came and went. Jon and I decided to go with a more healthy route for valentine's day this year and we made valentine hearts for his class made out of watermelon.

Do you know what I love about my husband? How he makes me laugh at least once a day. He decided one day when we were going through our cold snap that he wanted the kids and him to jump in one of our snow hills in their underwear. They smartly refused. The next day Ivan and his son Matt came over for a visit and Matt was not about to let Boris have all the fun so they stripped down and jumped into the snow bank. Crazy kids. Boy did Jon, Ivan and I share a laugh.

the inevitable has happened and Jon needed glasses. He went from Super Emo to excited in 1/2 hour when he came upon the glasses he chose because he thought they looked like Harry Potter/Clark Kent. I personally think he looks adorable.

We leave in under 3 weeks for Cancun with the boys. We all wish Braden was coming but he can't this trip. It should be fun. The resort has dolphins that live there and we are going to go swimming with them. I haven't drank much as of late due to my ongoing treatment off and on for the past 5 months so I have become a super lightweight. Boris has been conditioning me for Mexico. :) An old co-worker went to a Dreams Resort and said she liked it so we looked into them and chose the Dreams Cancun resort. Thank you Kristin.

Today I became the best mom and wife ever. My great friend Heather sent me a great recipe and I know how much my boys (Boris included) love Oreos and Chocolate Chip cookies so making chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos seemed like a no brainer. MMM they loved them so much.

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Hethr said...

what's this -- no cookies for me??


Your husband is NUTS - but a riot! I can't go outside without 15 layers on, and he's jumping in!