Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Pirate and Picasso

Ok so I have this friend...let's call her "Feather", and she has a great husband, called "Bo". Anyway, a couple weeks ago Bo, hurt his knee really bad and Feather harped on him quite a bit about going to the doctor and even went as far as telling him that his leg was going to fall off which also prompted there beautiful daughter to stress about her soon to be peg leg dad. Long story short...he is fine and he went to the doctor.

So this week, Feather started getting sick with a head cold and got an ear infection. She ended up having liquid come from her ear and wanted to know any "natural" remedies to cure it. FEATHER!!!!! Practice what you preach and go to the doctor....before you lose your ear and become a descendant of Picasso.

Being a cancer survivor I am very acutely aware of my body and am not afraid to go to the doctor but having said is funny how we let life get in the way of our health. We take all the necessary measures to eat healthy, exercise, drive safely and teach our children how to be good citizens in the world but we don't go to the doctor until it is too late sometimes. Let's change that!

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Hethr said...

For the record - "Feather" just wanted some way to relieve the pain until she was able to see a doctor (on Friday eve).

But the point is well taken!