Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am feeling so sick right now. I have a head cold and all my muscles are aching and that isn't helping my leg at all. I have another scan scheduled on the 28th and we will go from there.

BUT being sick doesn't stop me from trying to spend as much time creating memories with my boys when we can. I think that is so important as I want them to feel loved and look back and think that they grew up having a great life. Don't get me wrong...they annoy the crap out of me at the best of times and I am not one of those moms who think everyday is a blessing...there are days when I would give anything to be able to just jump in the car and go instead of packing snacks, juice boxes, ensuring that Jon is wearing underwear, finding "dirty" and where did Braden leave his right shoe just to go around the block. :)

This weekend we went with Mel and Quinn to the Jurassic Forest as they have never been before. The boys loved it as much as before. What a great place!
Don't Mel and I look scary???!!!! We are dinosaurs in case you couldn't figure it out.

So cute guys!

Holy cow, look..they are all looking at the camera and they are all smiling! There is a god. I really love my family! I would be just as happy being completely broke as long as I had my family. Everyone is completely different and yet we are so similar. Currently we are all living under the same roof and that can be very challenging especially for my poor Boris. He is doing well in a household of all Marleaus. I know days he feels like he is outnumbered but we all love him tremendously and don't know what I would do without him in my life. I love you Boris.

Last night we had a Scene It Marathon...boy did I miss the Dalby's last night as that used to be our Sunday night thing. The world was topsy turvy as Melody won Disney Scene it and you won't believe it but I won Music Scene it. It was hilarious...I won and I only got one question right...the final question was a Jessica Simpson question. Muahahaha....I thought Boris and Melody were going to blow up with surpise.

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