Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo a day

Following the advice of a dear friend, I am going back to blogging. I had taken a self imposed hiatus because I always write about what I am feeling and I was afraid I would have shared too much or held back because I was a tight ball of stress and started to unravel. Ultimately this is my blog and how much or how little I share is up to me so hear goes.

Ok so I have been doing some research on taking the leap to move from my automatic settings to manual on my camera and I think I am ready to jump in! To help me do this I am going to get a little help from a website that I love to read: fat mum slim

I am going to take the May photo a day challenge and will post them.

I will be ok until May 5th...birds and I are not friends.  Some of these actually really excite me because it is going to get my creative juices flowing and that is one of my stress releases.

If I get super adventurous, maybe I will scrapbook my month...I am so far behind though on my scrapping.  I still need to finish Cancun March 2011, Ontario July 2011, our Disney Cruise January 2012 and I haven't even started 2011 everyday yet so maybe I should just start with taking the pictures and go from there.

My camera is something I love and I absolutely love taking pictures to cherish memories. When I was growing up, I remember my dad loving photography. He had this awesome camera with a million lenses(super jealous) and he had this hard brown leather case that he use to put them in. I loved to watch him photograph plants, and people and have memories of that.  When I took out my camera to take a few pictures of us playing baseball, I smiled and went down memory lane because I forgot that these two fabulouso strangers on the cruise gave me their disney camera strap in trade for my boring Canon one.

I have been quite stressed at work lately with a lot of balls up in the air and making sure none fall. I have some tough hills to climb regarding learning how to stand up for myself and I am really trying so that is a work in progress. I am making sure that I find an outlet to release my stress so that I don't take it home with me. I went to bed right after supper today because my stomach was sore. I really believe that stress and our mind plays a big role in our health so I am fairly certain that these two go hand in hand. This weekend my amazing husband suggested after supper and a trip to Marble Slab for ice cream (mmmm coffee ice cream with cookie dough) that we go and play catch. He is so wise because I spent energy outside of work on what mattered most to family! 

This weekend the whole family (except Owen because he is too little) went and volunteered at Homeless Connect. I have been doing it for years but thought that this time the boys were old enough to see that some people can't even get the basic needs for survival without a struggle so the fact that they don't have an iPad is not the end of the world. I was so moved by Braden's reaction to what we were doing. "Handing out socks to people is glorious work" is what he said, no sarcasm at all...he truly believed this. He is such a compassionate child.Work really needs to stay in the office building for the most part and when I leave the building and head to my family, they need me more than work so that is where I am going to focus as a person always wanting to grow.

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Roslyn said...

Love the picture a day idea...maybe next month I'll give it a try!
Hang in there with everything.