Friday, December 17, 2010

So updating my blog is long overdue. What has prompted this sudden desire to blog is our roads here in Edmonton.

Yes people it snowed!!! This is Alberta however and we are well aware that every year we get snow in the we like it? No but we know it is coming therefore...BE PREPARED!!!! No one likes getting a cold but I betcha if I look in your medicine cabinet...there is cough medicine in preparation.

If you have a Honda Civic that you have silly little bald summer tires and if you have our body lowered...DON'T drive the dam thing in our winter. I do not want to be behind you while you continually get stuck. Get a damm winter car butthead.

If you drive properly all year long you do not have to re-learn how to drive in the winter and putting me at risk because you do not know how to drive when snow falls.

You caused me to have my 2 year old to ask me why I said "Stupid Fucking Drivers". Thank you for making me swear in front of my child. Thank you for making me go onto the sidewalk to avoid your erractic driving. Thank you for making me late for picking up my child as you were stuck in between two lanes on a drift because you are a moron. Thank you for causing staff members to be late for work because you delayed the flow of traffic.

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