Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Far Behind

I went to empty my card from my camera to get it ready for our trip this week and noticed just how far behind on blogging I really am. That may explain why I have 5 readers only.

I have been really stressed at work for the past few months with someone being off on short term disability. You don't realize just how much that effects the entire company. Anyway, I have been really looking forward to our road trip with the older boys to Disneyland/Legoland/Universal Studios/Las Vegas and a few ball games thrown in there. I decided at the last minute to take this week off to decompress and to get my head in the game. My bosses were fantastic and didn't even bat an eye in letting me go for 3 straight weeks...they even gave me a little gift of appreciation. I can honestly say that I love where I am working and I enjoy going to work each and every day.

Today is Father's day and poor Boris had to work but as an homage to him, I am posting one of his best bbq ribs he has ever done.

Owen is definitely becoming a comedian...I mean how many other kids do you know who have their own plunger (clean and purchased just for him to play with so he would leave the bathroom one alone). He is like a mini Carrot Top.

Do you know what is flippin impossible?????? Making 3 boys look good at the same time for a picture.

I give up!!

Ok so to give those of you who don't know my brother in law a little insight...everything is fixable and he can fix it...even when it is not broken. Just ask my sister who looks like she has been paintballing. How did she get all her bruises?? Well Benny has discovered how to "modify" nerf guns INCLUDING one for 3 year old Quinn. I can tell you first hand that those suckers hurt. They come flying at you with the force of a paintball gun and they have the speed to go far distances.

How much do you love Jon's sunglasses?

Owen is starting to want to sit on the toilet because all the other dayhome kids do. I am not one to complain. I don't like pull ups because I feel like it is too much of a diaper and Jonathan never wore them and he trained quickly so I have ordered these incredible training pants. Please go to their website. I can't wait for them to arrive. The website is called Kidalog.

I also ordered a book that I can't wait for. I ordered Faith Club on the suggestion of my good friend Heather. It looks so interesting and I hope that it comes this week so I can read it while lounging at the pool while the boys swim.

Well I don't know if I will update again before our big road trip but if not...I will be back in a few weeks with tonnes of pictures to post.

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